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Pregnancy yoga and relaxation

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Pregnancy yoga and relaxation.

In this crazy time of your life I want you to feel supported and nourished. This is a time to celebrate that you are creating a new life and you are doing an amazing job.

I want my online classes to feel just as nurturing as my in person classes.

Here are a few reasons I’d love you to join:

🤍Relaxes that overthinking mind.

🤍Movement in a way that feels good with no restrictions.

🤍 the ability to listen intuitively to what your body needs.

🤍 Helps release tension especially in the lower back, neck, shoulders and hips.

🤍 Builds, strengthens your body to prepare for labour.

🤍 Teaches you rest is constructive and helps ease you into a peaceful night sleep.

🤍 Helps to build the bond with your beautiful baby.

🤍 Learning different poses to help to ease pregnancy and labour discomfort.

🤍 Pranayama (breath control) There is a direct relationship between the breath, mood and the automatic nervousness system. Breathing techniques have multiple benefits in pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

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