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As a Chartered physiotherapists I assess and treat people affected by injury, illness or disability using a variation of treatment techniques such as  hands on joint and soft tissue mobilisations, exercise, education and advice.

Along with treating the condition I also work with you on an individualised basis to prevent re occurrence of your problem.


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A comprehensive specialist postnatal assessment for all new Mums following vaginal and cesarean deliveries.

It will assess how your posture, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscle are recovering after birth.

Treatment will consist of exercise and manual therapy to assist you in returning to exercise safely. 

A Mummy MOT is advised from 6 weeks after delivery. It doesn't just have to be for new mums, it can be performed anytime post natally. 

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An ideal service for patients post caesarean section, hysterectomy and abdominal surgery. 

Scar therapy can help loosen and release tight scar tissue to reduce discomfort. Treatment can be beneficial for both new and old scar tissue. 

Through reducing tightness and encouraging mobility between the layers of skin, fascia and muscle improvements in range of movement are often seen.

Trapped nerves and irritated scar tissue can be a factor for prolonged discomfort. Therapeutic touch may reduce pain and help to normalise sensitivity.

Scar therapy involves gentle, advanced massage, soft tissue and instrument assisted techniques that help with the function and feel of your scar.

During your consultation we will discussion the impact of your scar and your recovery so far. Complete a full scar assessment. We will take a look at your posture breathing. Treatment will be provided and we will introduce you to some scar therapy techniques​. We will finally send you away with a rehabilitation programme and​ tools to manage your scar. 


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Pregnancy massage


A relaxing and calming experience, treating areas of stress and tension.

It is so important to take some time out when your pregnant to nurture you and your baby bump.  

Relaxation is such an important aspect during pregnancy and is hugely beneficial for the release of oxytocin which is great for our bodies and baby during this time.

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Pregnancy yoga



Pre natal yoga and relaxation classes are guided by your qualified pregnancy yoga teacher, Alex. They held in a supportive environment where you will learn safe, gentle postures and movements specifically adapted to pregnancy. The classes will focus on toning, stretching and relieving tension to support your pregnant body as your baby grows, as well as supporting strength for an active birth. On completion the experience will leave you feeling more confident and physically stronger as you move through each stage of pregnancy. Regularly practice will have a positive effect, preparing you both physically and mentally for your birth.

Each week we will begin the session focusing on different aspects to support your pregnancy and birth.

We will then spend time enjoying our beautiful yoga practice followed by pelvic floor and breath work. Finally we will engage in some wonderful relaxation to end the class. This will leave you totally relaxed and calm.

Breathing in yoga helps you to connect with your body and your baby. You can use the breathing techniques that you learn in class to support a calmer pregnancy and birthing experience.

Pregnancy yoga classes are suitable for pregnant women from 12 weeks up until birth and you don’t have to of had any previous yoga experience.

Block booking preferred.

Or you can try a taster session, just message Alex to request.

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Tailored to your individual needs a deep tissue massage will target tissue manipulation to increase blood flow, stimulate neural pathway response and aid relaxation.

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Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation and education course that combines evidence based knowledge of birth with relaxation techniques. It gives parent the ability to look forward to the birth of their baby knowing that they are fully prepared.  This is done through the combination of knowledge of birth and what to expect, together with practising how to stay calm and relaxed.

The most amazing thing about hypnobirthing is that it gives you the tools, techniques, knowledge and benefits for any kind of births.

Any type of birth can be positive as long as the parents are empowered to make confident choices, have the ability to remain calm, feel supported and in control. Hypnobirthing helps to greatly reduce the risk of birth trauma and it has the power to transform a birth that on paper may look traumatic into the most positive experience.

It would be a huge honour and pleasure to support you and your birth partner towards a birth where you both feel calm, relaxed and empowered. If you have any further questions I welcome you to contact me.

​I offer two types of hypnobirthing courses:

Complete Hypnobirthing Programme

I teach 1:1 hypnobirthing programmes to mums to be and their birth partners, in the comfort of your own home or online. The course is taught over approximately 8 hours, and in addition you will have full support from me up until your baby is born. You will receive the Little Birth Company’s Hypnobirthing manual, all guided relaxation audio tracks, a home practice schedule, positive affirmations, guidance with preparing your birth plan and tips for preparing your home and packing your hospital bag.

It is my aim for you to finish the course feeling free from fear, confident in the knowledge of how well prepared your body is for growing a baby and giving birth. 

 The ideal time to start the course is anytime from 16-34 weeks, although earlier or later dates can still be of benefit. 

You will learn:

  • The physiology of birth

  • How to reduce and release fear of childbirth

  • The fear-tension-pain cycle

  • Relaxation techniques to stay calm

  • How to promote the birthing hormones 

  • The importance of the birthing environment 

  • How to prepare a birth plan 

  • Breathing techniques for contractions and between contractions

  • Tips to naturally encourage labour

  • The birth partner’s role

  • Tools to navigate birth with confidence should you require assistance 

  • Movement for encouraging baby into the optimal position for birth

Price £400

3 hour Hypnobirthing Workshop

The workshop is a condensed version of the Complete Hypnobirthing Course. It can be helpful for those who are very close to the birth of their baby, for those with limited time who want to learn some of the principles of hypnobirthing or as a refresher course. The workshop will be taught over 3 hours, on a private 1:1 basis, in the comfort of your own home or online.  

In addition, you will receive the Little Birth Company’s Hypnobirthing manual, three guided relaxation audio tracks, and ongoing support and advice until your baby is born.

You will learn:

  • The physiology of birth 

  • How to reduce and release fear of childbirth

  • Relaxation techniques to stay calm

  • How to promote the birthing hormones 

  • Tools to navigate birth with confidence should you require assistance 

  • How to prepare a birth plan

Price £250

Post natal yoga


My postnatal yoga classes have been designed with new mums in mind and are focused on empowering and nurturing you through the early stages of motherhood. The classes are there to give your body a safe and guiding hand to naturally return to its pre pregnancy form. We will focus on stretching the body to provide relief from tired, stiff muscles and working on strength. There is a big focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, our best friend!

The classes will help to support you both mentally and physically as you go about your adventures as a busy Mummy. It's not just our bodies that need time out to recover but our minds too. In my classes you will be given time out from daily demands to spend focusing on you and your baby

You are able to start classes with me from 6 weeks post birth and if you have had a caesarean birth I suggest starting from 12 weeks..

I absolutely love meeting new Mums and their beautiful bundles. So please come along and meet other Mums and do something positive for you and your baby. Please don't worry about your baby crying, nappy changes, feeding or if they just need a cuddle, its all part and parcel of the wonderful experience.  


Block booking preferred.

Or you can try a taster session, just message Alex to request.

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Mother Breastfeeding Baby


I trained with amazing The Mindful Breastfeeding School to offer one to one antenatal and/or postnatal support sessions. 

I will guide you in understanding the importance of having a calm connected body and mind when breastfeeding. We will help you to feel confident, informed, knowledgeable and relaxed while on your breastfeeding journey. Even though we know breastfeeding has incredible benefits you don't have to be exclusively breastfeeding. We can also look at combi feeding, expressing and formula feeding. Mindfulness is a great practise for all stages of parenthood and life. It has proven methods in creating better mental and physical health, creating better sleep patterns and much more. 

1:1 Antenatal breastfeeding course, 3-4 hours, £120                                                                                                                                               

  • 2 sessions of 1.5-2 hours each

  • Mindful breastfeeding book and relaxation MP3s

  • Understanding hormones and your brain

  • Journaling, affirmations and positive self talk 

  • How breastfeeding works and what to expect

  • Understanding latch and how to know if your baby is getting enough milk

  • Breathing techniques 

  • What's normal

  • Guided relaxations

1:1 Postnatal support, newborn upwards, £50 per 1 hour session or £70 when booking two sessions at the same time.

  • Support, encouragement and positivity

  • Looking at latch and positioning with you and your baby, helping you with comfort and any other issues you may have.

  • Breath work and guided relaxations 

  • A listening ear

  • Knowing when to refer on

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Tai Chi


These classes aim to teach you gentle exercises which can be done either in sitting or standing. The exercises are based around qi gong which involves performing movements that help to stimulate the flow of chi through the body and help to promote relaxation and meditation in motion. They are lead by my self a qualified Physiotherapist. They designed to improve your physical and mental health and well being. 
Everyone is welcome and the group sessions are adapted to suit the capabilities of the individual. These group sessions are an enjoyable way to exercise and also an opportunity to meet and socialise with other people. Tai Chi is safe and is suitable for everyone.
Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese exercise that has been practiced for many centuries. It combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow, gentle and graceful movements. It is fun, interesting and enjoyable and helps to improve your health and quality of life.
Block booking preferred.

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Established in 1981, Neal's Yard Remedies creates award winning natural and organic health and beauty products. 

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